Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Mardi Gras biggest art sale by Contemporary French Artist Isabelle Gautier

Mardi Gras 30 x 40

I remember the time I sold this Mardi Gras painting.

I had my first solo show and had just sold a series of four paintings I had brought. It was Fire, Wood, Water and Metal or was it the Four Seasons. I can still see the paintings but honestly I could have named them either way.
A couple had also noticed a mixed media painting, my son's favorite and commissioned me for a 48 x 60 artwork for above their mantel. I was over the moon.
I offered them to deliver the paintings and installed them in their house. I also wanted to see their living room and get  a more precise idea for the commission.

I installed the first stand alone mixed media painting, took the dimensions for the commission and went in the just finished renovated basement and installed the series of four.
They gave me a tour of their renovation. I just saw bare walls. I suggested them a big artwork at the bottom of the staircase, but they were done spending. I did not insist.

It was actually few days before  Mardi Gras and their annual carnival party. The French connection with New Orleans must have played in my favor because they invited my husband  and I to the party for the next  Tuesday.   I told them I would bring few of my last collages I had done for fun and set the decor for their celebration. They were thrilled. SO was I.

Once home I gathered all my Mardi Gras items and was very excited.

On the day of,  I loaded my car , drove to my new collectors' and got everything set up for the evening. I had even brought the painting I was originally thinking for the bottom of their staircase.

We had a good time, we met some mutual friends and drunk maybe a little too much. Upon the departure the owner soon to become my friends declared they wanted to buy everything I had brought and ask me for my best price. I actually did not care much about the New Orleans masks but The other painting was big so I just gave a bold price for that particular painting- I mean that was 10 paintings- and they agreed.

We left for the night, had some doubt about the whole deal. I still left the paintings because I wanted to leave them time to sleep on it.

The next day I was shocked when I checked my emails;  My new friends  were sending me a big check and wanted to know my address.

I guess that was the day I decided to create my business.

It's been 10 years, this year.  Time for celebration...!!  yeahhh

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