Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Facebook Page Name, be aware

 You know about marketing, they tell you you should have a good name, a slogan (tagline), keywords,  .......

Ok, I do not know about you but it took me a while to chose my words.

Of course I had a business name. But I had to change it after few years because nobody could remember it, it was too french. Exotic is not alweays the way to go, even if exotic means french!
Remember that.
 I worked on my solgan for many years even if one is not supposed to change this one. Yes, you should fine one slogan and stick to it,... famous last word. I almost had it, but misspelled it, so I wanted to go back to editing my name  on Facebook. And surprise, this function is not available anymore after you hit the 200 likes.  I had just got 200 likes, that was my chance.

So please be cautious and spend some time on your slogan before getting too much liked

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